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Poor Video Quality

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Sep 16, 2010 at 1:39 PM

Hi all after splicing the video and audio files together my video quality goes down dramatically my code is listed below the height and width of my video is 1024x1280, I’ve tried it at 32 and 16 bits and still get the same result, any help would be greatly appreciated.


private void test()



IGroup vgroup = time.AddVideoGroup(16,1280,1024);


ITrack videoTrack = vgroup.AddTrack();


IClip clip1 = videoTrack.AddVideo("c:\\Documents and Settings\\mphogue\\Desktop\\test.wmv");


List<String> list = new List<string>();


"C:\\Documents and Settings\\mphogue\\Desktop\\20090708_130324.AU12.avi");


"C:\\Documents and Settings\\mphogue\\Desktop\\DaDa_CMP.avi");


ITrack audioTrack = time.AddAudioGroup().AddTrack();


foreach (String item in list)




//ITrack audioTrack1 = time.AddAudioGroup().AddTrack();

audioTrack.AddAudio(item, 0, videoTrack.Duration);



//IClip audio = audioTrack.AddAudio("C:\\Documents and Settings\\mphogue\\Desktop\\20090708_130324.AU12.avi", 0, videoTrack.Duration);


//IClip audio1 = audioTrack1.AddAudio("C:\\Documents and Settings\\mphogue\\Desktop\\DaDa_CMP.avi", 0, videoTrack.Duration);