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VB.NET Screen Update during Preview Render

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Nov 28, 2011 at 4:26 AM

Hi all,

I have a simple set of code that successfully xreated a timeline with 4 video clips as well as a Participant callback fnction.  The timeline correctly plays to the screen in a window and the callback is executed.    All of the code in the callback is correctly executed with the exception of any updates to the screen such as placing text into a text box.   All code not associated with on screen display is correctly executed,   Any code that would somehow be expected to write to the screen including text boxes,and labels as well as trace and debug output are not executed.   I have tried creating different threads for the purpose of screen update which do not work.   This is using the WindowsRenderer and .render commands and is written in 2008.    I have also confirmed that this is an issue in C/C++.  When tracing the code execution I can see where the on-screen controls are updated with new data and can see the value content of the controls with the mouse, but the updates never make it to the screen.    Any Ideas?