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AVI file with no sound and big size

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Feb 18, 2012 at 7:48 PM

Hello there

I am starting with splicer to merge two video files and I got very unexpected results. For example, I was using the sample code found here in this site for merging two videos

                string file1 = @"E:\Mysofts\Google Data API\youtube\test data\MyTestVideo1.wmv";
                string file2 = @"E:\Mysofts\Google Data API\youtube\test data\sample-MyTestVideo2.wmv";
                string outfile = @"E:\Mysofts\Google Data API\youtube\test data\combined1.avi";
                using (ITimeline timeline = new DefaultTimeline())
                    IGroup group = timeline.AddVideoGroup(32, 600, 388);

                    var firstVideoClip = group.AddTrack().AddVideo(file1);
                    var secondVideoClip = group.AddTrack().AddVideo(file2, firstVideoClip.Duration);

                    using (AviFileRenderer renderer = new AviFileRenderer(timeline, outfile))
                        MessageBox.Show("New video uploaded successfully.");


The code works but I got a video file without sound and a size with nearly 1 GB where as my source files are of 1.24 MB and 1.40 MB only. I am not sure how this can be happened? Anybody had the same problem? Please help me with suggestion and solutions.

thanks in advance .

Masud Rahman

Jul 5, 2012 at 5:16 PM

I also face the same problem. If you have solved the problem then please help me...