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Keep propotions

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Jul 27, 2012 at 12:49 PM


I am making a slideshow, everything works so far! Only probelm is, how can I keep the proportions of the images cause they are always streched.

P.S. could someone provide me an Link to edit the .prx file to get a higher resolution result video, can't find it!

Thanks in advance and respect for the developers!!!


Sep 11, 2012 at 6:46 PM


To edit the profiles that comes with splicer, you need to use the Profile Editor tool. It is a tool that comes with Windows Media Encoder, and it allows you to edit .prx files. 

Once edited, you have to overwrite the old .prx file by the new generated, and then recompile splicer. 
Editing a .prx file with Profile Editor will allow you to set video width and height, quality, audio quality and a bunch of other cool parameters.

For the streched images, you have two options:

1- Edit Splicer core and implement Matrix effect. It allows you to rezise, rotate, scale and reposition content within the timeline.
2- Use this code: . Then you can rezise an image to fit the exact width and height of your video, filling the blanks with black strips (or any other color). This is the method I have chosen.


Hope this can be useful for you. =)