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Image sequences and image move-effect

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Jan 28, 2007 at 3:41 PM

I have a question with an embedded question :).

I create an image in memory and I draw on it a string (say "Hello world!") I then would like to move the "Hellow World!" from point A to B in a period of time T.

Currently I am doing the following:
1-Create an image with the string drawn.
2-Repeat 1 until I get X number of images representing frames, and each one might be positioned to the correct location as time progress forward.
3-Add the to a timeline.
4-Render the timeline.

My problem:
1)it is a bit slow to add them to the timeline while retaining them in memroy, so I started to write them on a temp dir. so this is solved.
2)if the timeline is bigger than 4-5 seconds (25fps) if i reneder to a window, there is a 90% chance the result is not as expected, i see a cranky movement or sometimes no movement at all, until the last frame or so the image jumps to the final location.

To my knowledge, and as on msdn, its possible to assign a media source and then give it an FPS (rather than 0) and it'll automatically take the frames (in a numerical sequance) and fill the rest (if not enough frames left) with black blanks.
Is this possible using splicer? (i couldn't find anythign related to FPS in IClip though theere is a stretch mode for example)

Q2 -embedded- is there a better way to go upon this? I mean if i have two moving text images that are on different layers this will cause me to loop insanely :D..

Thanks for the time.

Fadi .K
Jan 29, 2007 at 8:56 AM

I have modified the splicer source code to implement the SetDefaultFPS method that is desribed in MSDN.

Now I can add an image (say img1_000.bmp), and do a SetDefaultFPS(25.0);
and it'll take all the frames in of the same name format in the directory and create the animation based on it.

Still my questions remain, is there a better day to implement a "move" effect for text or images?

and I am doing this on a laptop, so it does get jerky sometimes, other times it completely stops, but for example i ran the test 6 times, only 2 times it was jerky or stopped, where as compared to adding each frame by "addImage" was almost all failures except one that did display the whole frame.

Please if anyone has anythign to comment I would be gratefull.


Fadi .K