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A strange problem with transitions on tracks inside composition. HELP

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Feb 1, 2007 at 10:13 AM

I am doing the following:

- Create a composition.
- Add tracks to it.
- Add objects to each track in specific places (i.e normal timeline things)
- loop through the tracks of the composition and an alpha keying to each track (starting from 0 to timeline.length)

Redo the above but basically ths wold cause us to get a higher layer composition.

Now I add alpha keying to both compositions.

In theory the following should happen:

I should be able to see all through the compositions and their tracks.
in reality this is not happening.

what happens is that I see the topmost composition and its topmost track.
(highest layer compositon and its hightest layer track)

now her is the funny part:
if i keep the transition on the compositions and remove the ones on the tracks, the compositions will be transparent on each other and i will see the top most tracks of each composition.

If i remove the transition on compisitions and keep the ones on the tracks i see the topmost composition (with all its tracks transparent on each other)

very wierd!!

FYI, using images that contain words only and eveyrthing else is transparent. and they all worked so its not an alpha channel problem in the image.

I need to get this fixed, any ideas??

thanks a million.

Feb 1, 2007 at 2:54 PM
what the heck!!

I started a fresh project, tried a few things starting with only one
media object inserted and then to more complex issues.
I have found out the following:

if you add an alpha key to track0 of compositionx it'll ruin the alpha on that composition.
if you have the first track of a composite empty, it'll have a strange behavior and not show any transparency on the composition it self, even thought that each other track in that same omposition contains objects.

very strange!!

I have solved my issue by knowing what scenarios caused it, but please if anyone knows why this is happening, or if anyone knows anything else regarding it drop me a note here :)