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Sample 1 - Creating a simple slideshow

This demonstrates creating a simple slideshow, it features:
  • fading between video clips
  • a sound track, which fades in and out.
  • rendering the video to a windows media file.

Take a look at the source code for it here: code_sample1.html and the resultant video here: FadeBetweenImages.wmv

Sample 2 - Watermarking a video

This demonstrates watermarking a video (in fact the video we created with sample 1), the process involves:
  • Creating two video tracks
  • Adding the video to watermark to the first track
  • Adding the image we want to use as a watermark to the second track (we use a gif image with a transparent background)
  • Adjusting the alpha of our watermark image to 0.8 (80%) so we can see the video underneath - this uses the Alpha Setter effect
  • Adding a transition to the watermark track, to composite the two tracks together - in this case we use a Key transition with KeyType of Alpha which allows the source video clip (which is in a track with a lower priority) to shine through the watermark image in the higher priority track.

Take a look at the source code for it here: code_sample2.html and the resultant video here: WatermarkVideoClip.wmv

Sample 3 - Pixelate and Iris transitions

This demonstrates the way different transitions behave, some transitions will perform the entire transition, so that at the end the other track is visible intact, others must be applied twice, such as pixelate, to get a seamless effect which arrives at the second track without disurpting the videos flow.
  • Create a pixelate effect between two images, with this code:
    • track.AddTransition(5.0, 1.0, StandardTransitions.CreatePixelate(), true);
    • track.AddTransition(6.0, 1.0, StandardTransitions.CreatePixelate(), false);
  • Create an iris effect, with this code:
    • track.AddTransition(11.0, 2.0, StandardTransitions.CreateIris(), false);

Take a look at the source code for it here: code_sample3.html and the resultant video here: PixelateAndIrisBetweenImages.wmv

Sample requests

If you have any ideas or suggestions for specific samples please post a message to the Users forum

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